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Vortrag: Hollywood and American Youth

Originaltitel: „Rebel Without a Cause“, „American Graffiti“ und „Pleasantville“

Länge: 60 min.

MirkophonBlickpunkt USA: American Youth Culture

Vortrag in englischer Sprache mit Videoclips
Prof. Dr. Jon Adams, Universität Freiburg

In Hollywood’s story of American youth, the older generation of the parents is usually associated with some family or social failure, but the new generation of youth is associated with images and ideas of a better world.

The story is a version of the American Dream, for the younger generation tends to improve on the world of its parents. In Rebel Without a Cause, for example, the father’s loss of authority in the family forces the son to create an alternative family, with utopian overtones, in an abandoned house.

In American Graffiti, in which there is a near absence of parental authority, teenagers create an alternative world of romance around the custom car and rock ’n’ roll. In Pleasantville, the black and white world of the parent’s generation, with its fascist overtones, is transformed in a world of color and passion. Although the images of the utopian world may be positioned differently in each movie, the future is always associated with American youth.

Montag, 29.10.2007 20:15 Uhr, 1010, KG-I

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